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Why Monthly Pest Control? Walnut Creek’s Landlords Know!

We’ll be perfectly honest: most single-family residences and even most commercial institutions around Walnut Creek only need pest control services every other month — because the chemicals used by most pest control firms break down over the course of about … Continue reading

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The European Paper Wasps San Francisco Hates

If you’re outdoors barbequing and there’s a yellow-and-black buzzing pest that just won’t leave you well enough alone, it’s quite probably a European Paper Wasp. San Francisco‘s downtown core is rife with them, and they get along better in highly … Continue reading

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Monsters Under the Bed: Bed Bug Removal in Concord

There really are monsters under some beds. They’re creepy, disgusting things that are all but invisible, feed on your very lifeblood as you sleep, and vanish with the morning’s light. They’re called bed bugs, and they’re every bit as horrific … Continue reading

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A Challenge in Rodent-Proofing Walnut Creek

Here’s a quick pre-Spring challenge for you: 20 steps you can take toward rodent-proofing a Walnut Creek home or business. Are you up for it? Let’s go! Replace Your Weather Stripping: Even a half-inch gap in your weather stripping is … Continue reading

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