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Are There Dangerous Spiders in San Francisco?

Well, of course: the dreaded Black Widow, that infamous people-killer, shows up all over the San Francisco area! That’s dangerous right? Well…sort of. That story is wrong for a few reasons. First, all forms of window spider are naturally shy … Continue reading

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Safely Removing Honey Bees: Berkeley Edition

Honey bees aren’t honestly that much of a danger to people — even those intimidating-looking swarms that involve two thousand or more bees moving in a huge group are made up of some of the most docile bees you’ll ever … Continue reading

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Keeping Out The Rodents This Berkeley Winter

Don’t rely on the mild Berkeley winter to save you from rodent invasions — there are plenty of proactive methods you can use to keep them out of your territory. Keep Clean and Carry On The first thing you can … Continue reading

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Fleas: Oakland’s Pets’ Nastiest Parasite

Fleas, if you can believe it, are a lot like butterflies. Yeah, that’s not something anyone expects to hear — but it’s true. Sure, they jump instead of flying, and they annoy the heck out of people rather than making … Continue reading

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