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When to Choose Quarterly Pest Control: Concord Edition

Quarterly pest control, for Concord homeowners, at least, is always a wise plan — but not one that everyone can afford all year, every year. We get that; we’re not here today to try to push you to buy a … Continue reading

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Home Rodent-Proofing for Walnut Creek

When you live in Walnut Creek, you’ve invested too much in your home to let it get profaned by the likes of rats or mice. Of course, your first (and correct) inclination is probably to call professionals like the ones … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Yellow Jackets in Walnut Creek

European yellow jackets in Walnut Creek first showed up about 30 years ago, an invasive species that has since established a firm foothold here. While they’re not particularly aggressive, they will defend their nests quite violently, and they will sting … Continue reading

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Commercial Pest Control: Concord Needs It!

Keeping your business free of bugs, rodents, and other pests should be somewhere below “pay my employees,” but somewhere above “make a profit” on your list of priorities. Yes, that’s a big claim, but that’s because making a profit can … Continue reading

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While You’re Waiting for Bedbug Removal, Concord, Do This

Concord! Do you know what to do when you find that you have bedbugs? The answer isn’t difficult: you call bedbug removal. Concord, are you listening? Removing bedbugs is really insanely difficult, and you should always call a skilled pest … Continue reading

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